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Questions tagged [classical-communication]

For questions involving classical communication using quantum resources

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Can you project on an orthogonal basis for a multipartite system using only local measurements and classical communication?

Say Alice possesses one qubit, and Bob two, and that the joint state is $|\psi_{A, B_1, B_2}\rangle = \alpha|n_1\rangle + \beta |n_2\rangle$, where $|n_1\rangle$ and $|n_2\rangle$ are orthonormal ...
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4 votes
0 answers

Performing Binary Operations on Classical Bits

I am trying to prepare the n-qubits GHZ state using LOCC on Qiskit. The implementation uses the result of some mid-circuit measurements for later operations. I am now using something like ...
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Do quantum teleportation require transmission media?

It said on wikipedia: Because classical information needs to be sent, quantum teleportation cannot occur faster than the speed of light. So does it mean quantum communication specifically ...
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