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Questions tagged [chimera]

For questions about the D-Wave Chimera architecture. The increase in qubit count for the D-Wave Two was accomplished by tiling qubit pattern of the D-Wave One. This pattern, named Chimera by D-Wave Systems, has limited connectivity such that a given qubit can only interact with at most six other qubits. (Wikipedia) Consider using the [dwave] tag with this.

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When and where was the first use of the term Chimera?

This is along the same lines as the earlier question: When was the first use of the word Entanglement? I was surprised to discover that when searching for "chimera" in both of Vicky Choi's minor-...
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What is D-Wave's "Pegasus" architecture?

How is D-Wave's Pegasus architecture different from the Chimera architecture?
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Why did D-Wave choose the Chimera graph the way they did?

D-Wave makes use of a $(n,k=4)$-Chimera structured graph in their computers. Meaning a $n\times n$ grid of unit cells, with each unit cell consisting of a complete bipartite graph on $2k=8$ nodes ($4$ ...
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