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Bosons are integer-spin particles that obey Bose-Einstein statistics. Two bosons can occupy the same quantum state.

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how to obtain eigenvalues of a bosonic state?

Suppose have a bosonic state as follow: $a \left| 0nm \right> \left< 0nm \right|+b \left| 0nm \right> \left< 1(n+1)(m+1) \right|+c \left| 1(n+1)(m+1)\right> \left< 0nm \right|+d \...
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Trotter error for bosons in various encodings

Mapping second-quantized bosonic modes onto qubits can be done using various encodings. Each of those have their pro et contra. Fewer qubits — more gates, and vice versa. Encoding an $N$-level bosonic ...
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