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Boson sampling constitutes a restricted model of non-universal quantum computation introduced by S. Aaronson and A. Arkhipov. It consists of sampling from the probability distribution of identical bosons scattered by a linear interferometer. (Wikipedia)

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Is it possible to "calculate" the absolute value of a permanent using Boson Sampling?

In boson sampling, if we start with 1 photon in each of the first $M$ modes of an interferometer, the probability of detecting 1 photon in each output mode is: $|\textrm{Perm}(A)|^2$, where the ...
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How many qubits would be needed to do boson sampling in Qiskit?

In December 2020, there was this claim of quantum advantage/supremacy by a team of UST China using Gaussian boson sampling. Here is the paper and here is an explanatory news article in Nature. To get ...
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What about BosonSampling can be publicly verified?

Boson Sampling, sometimes stylized as BosonSampling, is an attractive candidate problem to establish quantum supremacy; the engineering problems appear more surmountable than those associated with a ...
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Is Gaussian boson sampling (used for showing quantum advantage) a subcategory of the continuous variable approach?

I read about the photonic QC Jiŭzhāng that showed quantum advantage by Gaussian boson sampling. I read that boson sampling itself is a sub-universal technique of QC (where they use single-photon ...
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What is the relationship between the size of the Hilbert space for boson sampling and the complexity of classical simulating it?

My intuition is that the fastest classical algorithm for simulating some kind of noiseless quantum sampling process should scale roughly with the dimension of the Hilbert space: you would need to ...
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What is the HOG test and how would it help proving quantum supremacy?

Proposed experiments in achieving quantum supremacy, such as with BosonSampling or using random circuits, have been described as using a (not necessarily Turing complete) quantum computer to perform ...
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How big is the Hilbert space of a boson sampling experiment?

Boson sampling experiments are typically characterized by two key parameters: the number of photons $M$ and the number of modes $N$. A recent experimental demonstration (arXiv:2106.15534) with $M = ...
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CS conjecture that Quantum Computer cannot solve NP-complete problems, but Boson Samplers do a #P-hard problem. How is it?

There is something very strange and absurd for me about the power of a quantum computer. Let me briefly states the following facts: Fact 1: theoretical computer scientists believe (very likely to ...
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What are known applications of quantum sampling?

I'm inspired by [1] which clearly lays out near term applications of quantum computing: optimization, simulation and sampling. They claim that quantum sampling is likely to be the first application ...
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Is the pfaffian for gaussian fermions what the hafnian is for gaussian bosons?

In some recent papers, e.g. Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 170501, the problem of gaussian boson sampling is shown to be related to the hafnian of a certain matrix. When applied to the adjacency matrix of a ...
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Boson Sampling with a single beamsplitter

In Boson Sampling as first proposed by Aaronson and Arkhipov in, the interferometer is made up of phase shifters and beamsplitters. As these gates are universal, drawing the ...
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Commutation of bosonic operators on finite Hilbert space

I'm checking this article of R. Somma about quantum simulations I understand the common commutation relations for creationd and annihilation operators, given ...
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I was solving matrix of beam splitter in python but got stuck in understanding the library

What does this command physically mean? block_diag([[1]], BSunitaries[2], [[1]]) Can any one tell me in matrix form Source :...