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BQC or Blind Quantum Computing is a term used when referring to a computation technique that prevents the servers from knowing how the task is being performed.

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Quantum homomorphic encryption with a classical verifier - clarifying the setting?

The quantum homomorphic protocol I am discussing is in Urmila Mahadev (2018). The summary is that it allows a fully classical verifier to interact with a quantum prover to run a quantum circuit. It is ...
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How to transform a qiskit quantum circuit to a braket circuit?

I have a quantum circuit in qiskit. Now I want to know is there any way that I can transform it to a braket circuit in AWS? I want to use error mitigation in AWS. I have the circuit in qiskit. But as ...
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What is the computational complexity limitation of classical client delegated quantum computing CCDQC protocols?

The number of T-gates in quantum search reaches $O(2^{m/2} \cdot\text{poly}(m))$, which is beyond the capability of CHE-based QHE schemes. But is it the same case for other bilnd QC protocols? and ...
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Process Tomography for Blind Quantum Computation

Process Tomography can identify the quantum channel, while Blind Quantum Computation strives to hide the inputs using quantum gates. Given the user executes the same blind circuit multiple times (of ...
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Using XOR games to benchmark quantum computers

In an answer to a previous question, What exactly are Quantum XOR Games?, ahelwer states: One application of xor games is self-testing: when running algorithms on an untrusted quantum computer, you ...
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Blind quantum computing — generic structure variable selection

Background Recently I came upon a research article entitled Experimental Demonstration of Blind Quantum Computing. Within this research article, the scientists claimed that - through the proper ...
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