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For questions related to usage of quantum computers for biological computing and/or their comparison with biological computers.

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Quantum and DNA computing

Recently I came across the article Associative Quantum Memory. In the article, the authors discussed early physical implementation of quantum computers with NMR. In particular, NMR implementation used ...
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Do biological brains compute using quantum mechanics? [closed]

Someone on research gate said the answer was no Our brain is a neural network with a very complex connectome. Any system is in a sense a computer adhering quantum mechanics, but what is known ...
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Does the quantum coherence in the FMO complex have any significance to quantum computing (on a biological substrate)?

The quantum effects of the FMO complex (photosynthetic light harvesting complex found in green sulfur bacteria) have been well studied as well as the quantum effects in other photosynthetic systems. ...
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Can biological quantum processes be used to guide optimized quantum algorithms?

My question is a continuation from the previous question:Is Quantum Biocomputing ahead of us?. Considering that there exist many biological processes with a quantum nature present (Photosynthesis, ...
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Is Quantum Biocomputing ahead of us?

Now that we know of bio/molecular tools that allow living organisms to deal with quantum computations e.g. the fancy proteins that allow birds to handle quantum coherence (e.g. The quantum needle of ...
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