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For questions related to the theorem of Bennettl, Bernstein, Brassard, and Vazirani, which states that, relative to a random oracle, a quantum computer can achieve, at best, a quadratic speedup over a classical computer.

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4 votes
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Can we efficiently run HHL on a computational basis state without violating the BBBV theorem?

Recall that the linear systems algorithm of Harrow, Hassidim, and Lloyd purports to find a quantum state $|x\rangle$ proportional to $\vec x$, where $\vec x$ satisfies $A\vec x=\vec b$. In addition ...
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5 votes
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Proof using hybrid method that inverting a permutation requires exponential queries for BQP machines

Let's say I am given a permutation $\sigma$ that maps $n$ bit strings to $n$ bit strings. I want to output $1$ if $\sigma^{-1}(000\cdots1)$ is even and $0$ if $\sigma^{-1}(000\cdots1)$ is odd. It can ...
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