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It is a metaheuristic for finding the global minimum of a given objective function over a given set of candidate solutions (candidate states), by a process using quantum fluctuations. (Wikipedia)

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Gradient boosting akin to XGBoost using a quantum device

I am currently trying to implement a boosting algorithm akin to XGBoost with a quantum device. The reason is that I want to make use of a quantum device to train weak classifiers. However, as far as I ...
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How to compare Quantum Annealing and Adiabatic Quantum Computing?

I'm still unsure on the difference between adiabatic quantum computing (AQC) and quantum annealing (QA). Please critique these interpretations: AQC: Define a Hamiltonian with an easy-to-prepare ...
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Max eigenvalue algorithm via annealing starting from Gibbs state

In this talk, and the corresponding slides on page 24/44, Brandao talks about the max eigenvalue problem which is: Given a Hermitian $n\times n$ matrix $H$, approximate its largest eigenvalue. (Note ...
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How to calculate the $r^{\text{th}}$ digit of $\sum ^{j−1}_{p=i}d^p_{\pm k}$ using PyQUBO?

I am going to implement "turn circuit encoding" method of Coarse-grained lattice protein folding on a quantum annealer(Babej, Ing & Fingerhuth; 2018) using PyQUBO to run on the DWave qbsolv ...
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Why do Quantum Annealer have (currently) a higher scaling potential?

One may categorize quantum computers in two classes: Quantum Annealer and (universal) Gate Quantum Computers. There may be also other categories. IBM announced 127 Qubits for their next Gate Quantum ...
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Any simulator packages for quantum annealing/adiabatic quantum computation?

Are there any simulator packages for quantum annealing/adiabatic quantum computation, like Qiskit Aer but for quantum annealing? There seems to be only classical heuristics in D-Wave Ocean package, ...
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What type of tasks it is possible to solve on a quantum simulator?

In this article, the author claimed that researches from Harvard and MIT created 256 qubits quantum simulator. However, we are not talking about piece of software on a classical computer but actual ...
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What is the state-of-the-art annealing device for solving Ising problems?

I understand that in addition to D-Wave's quantum annealer, there have been other unconventional (although non-quantum) Ising solvers like the one from Toshiba, Fujitsu, the Coherent Ising machine, ...
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D-WAVE QUBO Matrix Form

I am trying to write down this problem (friend/enemy graph) in a polynomial matrix form in order to understand quantum annealing better, but it seems like the problem should actually be split into ...
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Is either the adiabatic or the diabatic version of quantum annealing known to be theoretically more powerful than the other?

Quantum annealing can be considered either in the perfectly adiabatic "slow" limit (in which case it's usually referred as "adiabatic quantum computing" (AQC) instead of "...
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How to convert a qubit hamiltonian to QUBO and vice versa?

This is my hamiltonian. Solving this by hand, Numpy Python package and VQE algorithm gives the minimum energy eigenvalue -2. If we want to find the minimum energy of this hamiltonian with Quantum ...
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I would like to know the textbook/paper on hamiltonian for rf-SQUID

I am a graduate student in the Department of Computer Engineering, and I am currently doing research on superconducting quantum computers. In particular, I am focusing on quantum annealing machines ...
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Interpretation of rounding the output of a quantum annealing solution for optimization problems?

I understand that quantum annealing approaches output a distribution of results of 0's and 1's for thequantum state. I'm wondering if this can be interpreted in the following way: For each qubit, we ...
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Quantum Annealing on IBMQ using Qiskit-Pulse

Qiskit-Pulse is the analog level control SDK of IBMQ hardware. Is it possible to implement an adiabatic annealing protocol/algorithm on IBMQ hardware using Qiskit-Pulse? Not asking about QAOA, which I ...
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Can D-Wave presently solve real-world problems that conventional computers cannot solve?

There are number of threads on this site about the ability of QCs solving real-world problems (see for example What are the practical applications of quantum computing in engineering by the year 2030?,...
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AQC definition modifications costs and pay-offs

I was wondering if one can think of a more general relation between alleviating conditions for the state in which the evolution takes palce in AQC paradigm and constraining the structure of the ...
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Example of lower bound on spectral gap for adiabatic quantum computing

is there a list of reference for which the authors prove a lower bound of the spectral gap for an adiabatic quantum algorithm? I.e. I am searching for examples where the authors solve a problem with ...
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Performance of quantum annealing systems vs gate based ones

Quantum annealers like D-Wave can be used to solve Quadratic Unconstrained Binary Optimization (QUBO) which is a NP Hard problem (see here) while gate based quantum computers, like the ones created by ...
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Do encoding schemes for variational algorithms apply to annealing methods (e.g. DWave)?

I understand there are some efficient encoding schemes for variational algorithms, that attempt to approximate the variational state using fewer qubits. I'm thinking of 2 papers in particular, which ...
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Why is quantum annealing not used in optimization for variational quantum algorithms?

I have been learning about variational quantum algorithms and encountered that none of the articles talk about using quantum annealers for optimization of the parameters ? I have however encountered ...
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How can a QUBO matrix with many identical, non-zero off-diagonal terms be made sparse?

I am with a QUBO matrix where entire off-diagonal sections are with the same value, which is the same between sections. Consider the following example (much smaller than those I am actually working ...
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Is it absolutely necessary for Hamiltonians to not commute in QAA?

I have already read through the answers here. So I understand that if the Hamiltonians commute, then they have the same eigenstates but not necessarily the same energy eigenvalues. To formulate my ...
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Entanglement and teleportation in quantum annealing and parallel computation

In classical optimization problems, some objective function's surface serves as a landscape for finding its minimum through minimization algorithms. Instead of your typical U-shaped objective ...
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What are techniques are used to esimate the spectral properties of annealer embedding hamiltonians?

Some information about the spectral properties of the hamiltonian of a given annealer emebedding is needed to determine a proper annealing schedule, correct? What are methods that are used to find ...
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non-stoquastic vs quantum annealer

Why non-stoquastic Hamiltonian is difficult to implement for a quantum annealer? In another way, why stoquastic vs non-stoquastic matters? Thanks.
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How can I exactly solve a Quadratic Model with integer variables using DWave Ocean classical solvers?

As an example, let's consider the following simple QuadraticModel problem with just 3 INTEGER variables: ...
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Extracting a QUBO matrix from pyqubo

I am benchmarking different QUBO solvers for a very simple instance of the knapsack problem. Some of these solvers require the matrix, Q, and offset, b, from the equation: $$ \begin{equation} x^{\...
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Mathematical definition of QUBO problem

The quantum annealing approach is using the equivalence between QUBO matrix and Ising Hamiltonian to solve the problem. Therefore, it is necessary to transform a NP-hard problem into a QUBO matrix. ...
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