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What does the phase $\phi_1$ in a state $|\psi\rangle=a_1|0\rangle+a_2|1\rangle$ with $a_j=r_j e^{i\phi_j}$ say about state $|1\rangle$?

I'm a beginner in quantum computing and this question has been bugging me for quite some time. I have seen in various articles that a qubit is a device whose state can be represented by a unit vector ...
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Optimising state tomography for fully entangled states

As tomography methods are usually inefficient, it's interesting to find good approximation. I was wondering the following: Assume one wants to estimate a state $\rho$ on $n$-qubits. Given a basis of ...
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For two-qubit systems, do we have $\langle 01|01\rangle = \langle 0|0\rangle\langle 1|1\rangle$?

I am new to quantum computing and I want to know the following: If I have a 2 qubit system in state e.g. $\left|01\right>$ and I want to calculate the probability of measuring e.g. $\left<01\...
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Can Dirac notation be used with 2 or more gates?

Can Dirac notation be used with 2 or more gates? I've been trying to do the math with the $X$ and $Z$ ($X\otimes Z$) gates but I'm not getting the answer I should. In fact, the answer makes no sense. ...
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How do I apply a matrix to a ket state?

If we have the following matrix: $$\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}}\begin{pmatrix}1&1&0&0\\ 1&-1&0&0\\ 0&0&1&-1\\ 0&0&1&1\end{pmatrix}$$ How do we find the output for ...
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How to prove that the transpose operation maps an arbitrary qubit to its complex conjugate?

How to prove that the transpose operation maps an arbitrary qubit to its complex conjugate, $|\psi^*\rangle \rightarrow |\psi\rangle$
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What is the difference between the states $i|1\rangle$ and $|+i\rangle$?

I am new to Quantum computing. I see $|\mbox{+}i\rangle$ state maps to y-axis on bloch sphere ($\theta = 90$ degree and $\phi = 90$ degree) while $i|1\rangle$ maps on x-axis, $i|1\rangle$ is stated as ...
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Outer Product Intution [duplicate]

Please, help me understand this statement. The outer product notation for matrices also gives an intuitive input-output relation for them. For instance, the matrix |0⟩ ⟨1| + |1⟩ ⟨0| can be read as &...
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How are the Pauli $X$ and $Z$ matrices expressed in bra-ket notation? [duplicate]

For example: $$\rm{X=\sigma_x=NOT=|0\rangle\langle 1|+|1\rangle\langle 0|=\begin{bmatrix}0 & 1 \\ 1 & 0\end{bmatrix}}$$ $$\rm{Z=\sigma_Z=signflip=|0\rangle\langle 0|-|1\rangle\langle 1|=\...
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Magnitudes and phases of coefficients of a qubit [duplicate]

Quantum mechanics is based on the idea of waves, and waves have both a magnitude and a phase? $$|\psi\rangle = i\alpha|0\rangle + \beta|1\rangle.$$ Does $\alpha$ and $\beta$ represent magnitude and $i$...
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Where is the factor of $-i$ in rotation gates coming from?

As I understand it the Pauli-X, Y and Z gates are the same as their rotational gates with a rotation of $\pi$. But given the expression for those gates, I find that there is a factor of $-i$ in each ...
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How to write the map $\mathbb C\ni z\mapsto zv$ in bra-ket notation?

As part of a course, I've been asked to write a map $C\rightarrow H,z \rightarrow zv$ for $v \in H=C^3\otimes C^2$, $v=[1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1]$ in bra-ket notation. However, I never written such a map ...
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How to read Dirac notation (without algebra)?

I have no idea how to read Dirac notation. $$\left|↑↑ \right\rangle \tag{1}$$ $$\left|↑↓\right\rangle+\left|↓↑\right\rangle \tag{2}$$ $$\left|↑↓\right\rangle-\left|↓↑\right\rangle \tag{3}$$ $$\left|↓...
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Measurement of a qubit and storage of the information on a bit

Suppose we have the quantum circuit below with a quantum register of 2 qubits and a classical register of 2 bits. The Hadamard gates and CNOT gate are not important for the question. When we measure a ...
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How to translate matrix back into Dirac notation?

In Circuit composition and entangled states section of Wikipedia's article on Quantum logic gates the final result of a combined Hadamard gate and identity gate on $|\Phi^{+}\rangle$ state is: $ M \...
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