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Which theoretical models for quantum computing are polynomial-time equivalent? [duplicate]

There are different theoretical models for quantum computing like the circuit model or the model of adiabatic quantum computers. Between which of these models exist polynomial-time reductions? Note ...
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Types of Quantum Computer [duplicate]

I am confused of all that different Quantum computers. please correct me if I say something wrong. There are two main different types of quantum computing: Quantum Gates based computing quantum ...
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Why can't quantum annealing be described by a gate model?

This is a question I was inspired to ask based on this question, which notes that quantum annealing is an entirely different model for computation than the usual circuit model. I've heard this before, ...
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Do multi-qubit measurements make a difference in quantum circuits?

Consider the unitary circuit model of quantum computation. If we need to generate entanglement between the input qubits with the circuit, it must have multi-qubit gates such as CNOT, as entanglement ...
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What precisely is quantum annealing?

Many people are interested in the subject of quantum annealing, as an application of quantum technologies, not least because of D-WAVE's work on the subject. The Wikipedia article on quantum annealing ...
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What are examples of quantum computing platforms availble for free (other than IBM Q)?

IBM Q is (maybe first) quantum computing platform allowing users to register for free and run algorithm on real quantum processors. There are several processors with usually 5 qubits, however, it is ...
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What are the fundamental differences between trapped ion quantum computers and other architectures?

There are many different ways to build quantum computers, such as superconducting qubits, quantum dots, and ion traps. What I would like to understand is why some universities and research ...
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How does approximating gates via universal gates scale with the length of the computation?

I understand that there is a constructive proof that arbitrary gates can be approximated by a finite universal gate set, which is the Solovay–Kitaev Theorem. However, the approximation introduces an ...
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Are there any other published quantum factoring algorithms that are simpler or more efficient than Shor’s?

How many qubits and what is the minimum number of gate operations needed to factor an n-bit integer? Are there any other published algorithms that are simpler or more efficient?
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How to recognize if a paper is talking about quantum annealing or gate logic?

I am currently reading various survey papers in Quantum Machine Learning, such as "Quantum Machine Learning" by Biamonte, Wittek, Pancotti, Rebentrost, Wiebe, and Lloyd. To me, it is not clear when ...
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Quantum computing concepts

I am trying to develop a feel for quantum computing at a basic level. I would very much appreciate someone will take a look at the statement below and fix it, since I assume it needs fixing. “...
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Measurement of a qubit and storage of the information on a bit

Suppose we have the quantum circuit below with a quantum register of 2 qubits and a classical register of 2 bits. The Hadamard gates and CNOT gate are not important for the question. When we measure a ...
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What is the applicability of quantum network coding?

As the title suggests, I want to know what the applicability of quantum network coding is, besides the EPR pair construction between distant pairs of 'Users-Targets'. Can quantum network coding be ...
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How can a D-Wave style Annealing QPU help sampling?

This question is a follow-up on this one, with the hope of getting more specific clues, and was motivated by this answer by user Rob. Also please note this posts that handle the topic of QA in much ...
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Aren't reversible logic gates a necessity for efficiently executing quantum algorithms?

The Wikipedia article on logical reversibility says: ...reversible logic gates offered practical improvements of bit-manipulation transforms in cryptography and computer graphics. But I guess ...
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