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How can I produce the state $\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}^N} (|1,0^{N-1}\rangle + |01,0^{N-2}\rangle + ...+|0^{N-1},1\rangle)$ [duplicate]

Let's say my algorithm starts with the qubit state $|0^N\rangle$. Is there a possibility to end up in a superposition where every component is made of a bitstring containing exactly an $1$ at on ...
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Circuit to construct a $n$-qubit state which is a superposition of states with only a single qubit being $\lvert1\rangle$ [duplicate]

So the question came up in a book I am working through. Given a circuit with $n$ qubits, construct a state with only $n$ possible measurement results, each of which has only $1$ of $n$ qubits as $1$, ...
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How to create quantum circuits from scratch

I am doing self-study at the moment using primarily the book: Quantum Computing a Gentle Introduction by Eleanor Rieffel and Wolfgang Polak. Getting through the earlier chapters and exercises went ...
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How to get all combinations of given input?

I'm stuck with a very specific problem that I'm not sure on how to implement using quantum gates. Suppose I have an n qubit circuit and that I want in output a ...
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Entanglement distribution of W-State over different locations

I would like to create a quantum system with the gates for a W state where each qubit is at a different location. Entanglement distribution has been proven in several research articles. I'm new to ...
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Uniform superposition of states with one qubit set to $|1\rangle$ and others to $|0\rangle$

I am wondering what a circuit should look like if I want to prepare the state of the following form: $$ |0\rangle^{\otimes n} \mapsto \dfrac{ |1000\ldots0\rangle + |0100\ldots0\rangle + |0010\ldots0\...
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How to measure superposition coefficients to determine state?

There was a problem at the Winter 2019 Q# codeforces contest (that is now over), which I cannot find a mathematical solution for. The problem goes like this: You are given 3 qubits that can be in one ...
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What is the minimum number of non-Clifford gates does it take to prepare a superposition over all "two-hot" basis vectors?

The generalized W state: $$W_n=\frac{1}{\sqrt{n}}(|100\cdots 0\rangle + |010\cdots 0\rangle + \ldots + |00\cdots 01\rangle)$$ is often thought of as the uniform superposition over all "one-hot&...
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types of states that can be created with a given number of entangling gates

I want to know if it is possible to say something in general about the "richness" or "complexity" of quantum states that can be created using a given number of entangling 2-qubit ...
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Generalized construction of W basis

Although this question deals with the construction of a W-state, I was looking for a general way to find all the orthogonal W-states, given a number of qubits. For example, for three qubits, the first ...
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