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Grover's algorithm in a nutshell

I am trying to understand Grover's algorithm. I read that this algorithm is able to find an entry in an unsorted list in just $\sqrt N$ steps, and needs only $\log N$ space. I understand entanglement ...
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Can Grover's algorithm be used to efficiently find elements in unsorted lists?

From my understanding, Grover's algorithm is often misinterpreted as being able to find elements in lists. And when people try to understand the oracle function in terms of this, it leads to confusion....
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Grover's algorithm: a real life example?

I'm fairly confused about how Grover's algorithm could be used in practice and I'd like to ask help on clarification through an example. Let's assume an $N=8$ element database that contains colors ...
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What is the point of Grover's algorithm, really?

This is a question desguised as a rant. There is a similar question here, What's the point of Grover's algorithm if we have to search the list of elements to build the oracle?, but the answers have ...
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Grover's algorithm: what to input to Oracle?

I am confused about what to input to Oracle in Grover's algorithm. Don't we need to input what we are looking for and where to find what we are looking for to Oracle, in addition to the ...
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In Grover's Algorithm, does the exact solution need to be given to the oracle?

From my understanding, the oracle function in Grover's algorithm is used as a way to check for the desired outcome. I have looked at this example which implements the Exactly-1 3-SAT problem and the ...
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To program Grover algorithm oracle, we need to know the answer already, if we know the answer then what else do we need?

To program Grover algorithm oracle, we need to know the answer already then what is the point of building the oracle. To me its like we are telling the oracle the correct answer and just asking it the ...
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How do you pass input to a circuit? [closed]

I've implemented Grover's search algorithm in qiskit, and I'd like to pass in an input to run through the circuit. How is that done?
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How to create the oracle matrix in Grover's algorithm?

I'm trying to implement Grover's algorithm in pyQuil, but I'm having trouble creating the oracle matrix given the function $f$, where $f(x)=1$ if $x=w$ and $f(x)=0$ otherwise. In most of the ...
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How does the Grover's Algorithm work with a real example? [duplicate]

I am new to this field and I have been baffled by the idea of Oracle for a long time. I am aware of the procedure, but I am very confused about how we choose the oracle. Let say we have 4 poker ...
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Oracle in Grover's algorithm [duplicate]

In the Grover's algorithm, the solution is already in the Oracle in order to mark winning state(s). I just wonder if we already know the solution, why do we need to run a circuit ?
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Why should we need measurement while finding oracle is already give us solution in SAT problem with Grover's Search Algorithm? [duplicate]

Based on reference I read in this site here is simple problem example about 3-SAT problem in dimacs format: ...
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