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What is the unitary matrix for a full adder? [duplicate]

I need the unitary matrix for a full adder. I want to assess how an automatically generated circuit is close to the full adder. Therefore,I need a unitary matrix for the full adder. I believe it ...
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How does quantum computer store data in QPU and how to calculate? [duplicate]

I couldn't understand any popular science books and articles about quantum mechanisms. And that's why I post here to find an answer to my years-long confusion. Popular science articles tell us that a ...
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How does a quantum computer do basic math at the hardware level?

On reading this Reddit thread I realized that even after a couple months of learning about quantum computing I've absolutely no clue about how a quantum computer actually works. To make the question ...
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Does "quantum registers with $n$ qubits are able to hold $2^n$ values and therefore scale exponentially" actually hold that straightforwardly?

A lot of people claim that quantum provides exponential speedup whereas classical computers scale linearly. I have seen examples (such as Shor's algorithm and Simon's) that I believe, but the layman's ...
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Quantum Ripple Carry Adder Construction

There is an excellent answer to How do I add 1+1 using a quantum computer? that shows constructions of the half and full adders. In the answer, there is a source for the QRCA. I have also looked at ...
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How to add two integers in Q#?

I have programmed in C++, but I am interested in writing quantum programs. I have some experience with Microsoft's Q#, and I know about the canonical Shor's and Grover's algorithms. Can anyone tell ...
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How to deterministically add two integers on a quantum computer

I am new to the Quantum Computer world. I understand the basics of Quantum mechanics and I have watched a few lectures on Quantum computers, Quantum gates and played a bit on IBM QC. As far as I ...
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How to simulate a simple circuit to add two numbers in Quirk?

I am new and I don't understand where I should give the input and where I should get the output. Please explain with an example of a circuit run on the Quirk simulator. How to add two numbers?
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How do I add 1+1 using a photonic computer?

A similar question has been previously asked & has an excellent answer discussing half, full & ripple carry adders. I am curious to find out how these adders would be constructed in the ...
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What does "point-wise addition" mean in the context of this paper?

On page 11 of this study they write that "In order to calculate macroscopic values according to Eq.(11), point-wise addition of the distribution function ... is required. To perform this ...
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