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I want to run this qasm file using IBM device. However, there's always an error:

qiskit.transpiler.exceptions.TranspilerError: 'Number of qubits (16) in circuit0 is greater than maximum (5) in the coupling_map'

How does this error come?

How can I set up the initial mapping when running this qasm file? How to run the qasm file in Jupyter notebook?


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The issue is that you are transpiling for a backend with 5 qubits, but this circuit is defined over a 16 qubit register (line 3 qreg q[16];).

To avoid this error you can either update your qasm to work over a register of 5 qubits, or transpile for a different backend. I think that the simulator is the only available device that will run up to 16 qubits.


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