For a demonstration, I would like to code a simple optimization problem in Cirq. I don't care what the problem is, but I want it understandable to someone who has had only basic algebra.

One idea is to find the value of $x$ such that $x-(x-3)^2$ is optimal. From inspection it is the value of 3.5. How do I code that in Cirq? If that's too complicated, what is not too complicated?

But if I can code up any function I want, I'd like to find the minimum value of $y=\frac{x^4-8x^2+x}{10}$ because the graph is really nice:

enter image description here

It's obvious from inspection that the minimum value of $y$ is when $x=-2$. And we can do that because we can see all of the points at the same time and pick the minimum. So this is kind of what a quantum computer running a Criq program would do, right?


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