The Multiple-Control Toffoli (mct) gate takes as input: 1. a register containing the control qubits, 2. the target qubits and 3. a register containing ancilla qubits.

I don't know how many ancilla qubits I need to pass in for a number of $n$ controll qubits. I've seen examples and used mct gates with 4 control qubits and 2 ancillas so I know the number of ancillas is not $n-1$ like suggested in this answer

Is there a strict dependency meaning for 10 control qubits you need 5 ancillas or does the implementation adapt to the number or ancillas that are passed in?


I found out the number of ancillas is minimum $n-2$.

I found this line in the Qiskit source code of mct:

if len(ancillary_qubits) < len(control_qubits) - 2:
    raise AquaError('Insufficient number of ancillary qubits.')

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