Hello I entangled with Qsharp a far QBit (Bob)to a 3 Qbit register that is also entangled to another marked qbit for a Grover search. When I look for the value 4 with Grover search the Bob qbit is Result.One when I found it (80%) and Result.Zero when not. The Bob Qbit is given to him before I run Grovers search, and I want to set his state to a propability less than 50% for Result.One. acting on the 3 Qbit register(and-or the marked). The process is this: UniformSuperpositionOracle(reg3); X(qbob); (ControlledOnInt(4, ApplyToEachCA(X, _)))(reg3, [qbob]); (ControlledOnInt(4, ApplyToEachCA(X, _)))(reg3, [markedQ]);
// here I give the Qbit to Bob and he goes far away //Is there a way to set QBob to cero before running //this search without having his qbit? QuantumSearch(nIterations, markedQ, reg3,4); Because when Grover does not finf the number Qbob is Zero, I tryed changing the grover iterations to 4(ok is 2) so it does ot find the number 4(80%), but then Qbob is one, and zero when it find the 4.


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