I just got started with Qiskit. When I tried to save my account with the API token from IBMQ website, I got the error: warnings.warn('Credentials already present. Set overwrite=True to overwrite.'). Then I set overwrite = True but the warning was still raised and I cannot save the account and connect to the server.

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Here's some general info, which will hopefully help you find and fix your issue.

You can try using


to see what accounts you have stored on disk, and maybe see why they aren't working.

To simultaneously sign into all accounts on this list, use


To only sign into the first, use

token = IBMQ.stored_accounts()[0]['token']
url = IBMQ.stored_accounts()[0]['url']

To only sign into the second, replace the [0] above with [1], and so on.

To see which accounts you are currently logged into, use


If you want to start afresh by removing all accounts from disk, use


Adding new accounts is then done with


Where token is a string that represents your API token, and

url = 'https://quantumexperience.ng.bluemix.net/api'

for those using the public level access.


James Thanks... your suggestion worked, with only exception that now, over the period, commands are updated, like IBMQ.delete_accounts() changed to IBMQ.delete.account() and so on...

See Account Management section in the below link for version "<0.3/v1" vs ">=0.3/v2" credentials:



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