For example, we can create a single qubit state with a polar angle of $\pi/2$ with the Hadamard gate. But, can we create a state such as this,

$$\Psi = \cos(\pi/8)|0\rangle + \sin(\pi/8)|1\rangle$$

where the polar angle does not equal $\pi/2$, in QISkit?


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You use the standard rotations. In this case, you're looking for the ry operator (rotation around the y-axis). To rotate the state vector counter-clockwise around the unit circle by $\theta$, call ry with $2\theta$ or in your case $\frac{2\pi}{8}$ applied to state $|0\rangle$.

from qiskit import *
import numpy as np
q = QuantumRegister(1)
qc = QuantumCircuit(q)

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