For example, if I've defined the operation PlusEqual, I'd like to say

operation MinusEqual = Adjoint PlusEqual;

but this produces a syntax error.

Is the only way to do this by exhaustively re-listing all arguments and functors?

operation MinusEqual (all_args_and_types_again) : ReturnType {
    body (...) {
        return Adjoint AddEqual(all_args);
    adjoint auto;
    controlled auto;
    controlled adjoint auto;

You can define an immutable symbol for MinusEqual inside the body of an operation which will use it (you can't define it globally):

operation UseMinusEqual () : Unit {
    let MinusEqual = Adjoint PlusEqual;

If you need MinusEqual to be a globally visible operation, there is no shorthand syntax for this right now, so the only way to do it is a full operation definition like you say.


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