I am trying to understand what the importance of tensor networks is (or will/could be) for quantum computing.

Does it make sense to study tensor networks deeply and develop them further to help pave the way towards quantum supremacy? If so, how could they help and what are the current most pressing research questions?

  • $\begingroup$ Welcome to Quantum Computing SE! I've made a minor edit to your question, so it now asks why it makes sense to develop them further, instead of asking if it does - people are researching them after all (although this is perhaps already contained in the second part of the question). Of course, feel free to re-edit if you don't like what I've changed $\endgroup$ – Mithrandir24601 Aug 29 '18 at 18:11
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    $\begingroup$ @Mithrandir24601 I think this is a major edit. Also, I think the question is too broad (it is really a list-like question, not to mention that "what are the current most pressing questions" will be outdated soon, at least we hope so). $\endgroup$ – Norbert Schuch Aug 29 '18 at 20:11
  • $\begingroup$ @Mithrandir24601 I mean, do you have any evidence that tensor networks are used to "pave the way towards quantum supremacy"? $\endgroup$ – Norbert Schuch Aug 29 '18 at 21:31
  • $\begingroup$ @NorbertSchuch It's entirely possible I'm reading the question wrong, but to me, that's half of what the question's asking with the other half asking about current research questions, which, while you could argue that it would make sense as a separate question, it's not like there are no other questions asking what current research is either - not quite the same as asking about the 'most pressing research questions', sure, but depending on how it's looked at, not a world apart either (although yes, it is on the broader side of questions) $\endgroup$ – Mithrandir24601 Aug 29 '18 at 22:05
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    $\begingroup$ I think this will really be helpful: arxiv.org/abs/1603.03039 $\endgroup$ – Siddhānt Singh Nov 4 '18 at 16:33

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