Is there a (qiskit) method to give the generator $H$ in terms of Paulis of some gate $U=e^{iH}$ defined in qiskit. For example, it would take CNOT as input and give a representation of $\pi /4 (I_1 - Z_1)(I_2 - X_2)$ as output. Somewhat the 'inverse' of PauliEvolutionGate that can be used to define a gate $U(t)=e^{-iHt}$ via the Pauli terms $H$.


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In general, multiple Hamiltonians can generate the same unitary.

A simple way to get a Hamiltonian is to take the logarithm of the unitary matrix using scipy.linalg.logm then use SparsePauliOp.from_operator to get the Pauli basis representation

from qiskit.circuit.library import CXGate
from qiskit.quantum_info import SparsePauliOp
from scipy.linalg import logm

op = SparsePauliOp.from_operator(-1j * logm(CXGate().to_matrix()))

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