I would like to understand more about QEC, such as surface codes, error codes, and qLDPC codes.

For quantum algorithms beyond the Nielsen and Chuang book the lecture notes by Andrew Childs are a very good resource, and I'm looking for something similar for quantum error correction.

Do you have something similar for QEC to recommend/you found useful in understanding the subject?


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Biased sample based on my affiliations. I've used all of these resources and liked them:

Gottesman's textbook: Gottesman is writing a textbook and releasing some of the chapters periodically. Textbook

Waterloo IQC course (2024): Debbie Leung and Michael Vasmer taught a QEC course, the parts for LDPC code were pretty informative. Lecture notes and videos$^*$

Waterloo IQC course (2018): Gottesman and Yoshida recorded a lecture series taught while Gottesman was still at Perimeter Institute. Lecture videos

$^*$4/26/2024: I realized links for lectures 9-10 are missing. I will post them here until the website is updated: Lecture 9 Lecture 10

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    – NYG
    Commented Apr 21 at 17:07

Here is a zoo for error correction codes.


In particular it contains (what should be a near to all known) quantum references.


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