I am trying to implement large qiskit circuits which give coupling map error as coupling map cannot exceed 31 is basic aer_simulator or even statevector_simulator.

So, I want to increase the limit or use a simulator with high number of coupling map preferably 100.


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You can try dropping the backend argument from your transpile() call and that might remove the limitation. The backend argument is used to tell the qiskit transpiler that you're targeting a specific backend and it will map your circuit given the constraints expressed in that backend properties. The main constraints that the transpiler is concerned with are qubit connectivity and the basis gates. But when you use AerSimulator() without any noise models, there are no connectivity constraints, just the limit in the number of qubits, and so the work of the transpiler is reduced to matching the input circuit's gates to the basis gates.

It is important to note that this is not the best way to simulate circuits, because for real backends or potentially other simulators this will result in an invalid transpiler output for a given backend.

Also, you should choose the number of qubits to simulate based on your system memory. Here is a link to get general idea about how much computer memory will be used for different number of qubits Memory Requirements for Qiskit Aer Simulator


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