So this question inherits from my previous problem , but owing to its perceptible distinction, I decided to write it separately. Long story short, I want to construct a Qubit Spectroscopy experiment using qiskit and IBM backends.

First of all I write my script based on this tutorial and source code of qiskit_experiments.library.QubitSpectroscopy. Script is here. Job was launched but failed with code 7001: Instruction Spec is not supported.

Secondly I tried to run such experiment on some fake backend in order to debug all possible errors. This is where I decided to write my previous question. Thankfully, Yael Ben-Haim gave me some hint to use Dynamics Backend but unfortunately I was faced with Operation 'Spec_gate' on qubit(s) [0] not supported by the backend error again. Here is my dynamic backend script.

Lastly, I decided to simply use qiskit_experiments.library.QubitSpectroscopy with ibm_nairobi backend. Here is my qiskit-experiments script. I thought that in this simpler way I can tackle some problems regarding my insufficient qiskit experience, but it didn't work either, the job was crashed with error message: Error code 8019; For channel d1, Final channel time exceeds max time (2448000000000 > 4194304). Furthermore, when I tried delve deeper in error 8019 and figure out why my pulse schedules are so long, I've faced with operation not supported error once again (details in my last script)

To conclude:
So I really want to figure out where am I wrong and how can I handle these problems in order to run my calibration experiments on real devices. I'd love to hear some hints!

  • $\begingroup$ For the second question, my colleague Naoki Kanazawa says to provide instructions in SI instead of dt. $\endgroup$ Aug 30, 2023 at 17:56


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