I am trying to implement a simple AdaptVQE in Qiskit. Following the documentation provided by Qiskit, this should be very simple:

from qiskit.algorithms.minimum_eigensolvers import AdaptVQE, VQE
from qiskit.algorithms.optimizers import SLSQP
from qiskit.primitives import Estimator
from qiskit.circuit.library import EvolvedOperatorAnsatz

# get your Hamiltonian
hamiltonian = ...

# construct your ansatz
ansatz = EvolvedOperatorAnsatz(...)

vqe = VQE(Estimator(), ansatz, SLSQP())

adapt_vqe = AdaptVQE(vqe)

eigenvalue, _ = adapt_vqe.compute_minimum_eigenvalue(hamiltonian)

I tried putting

hamiltonian = SparsePauliOp("ZZ").to_operator()

along with providing operators to the EvolvedOperatorAnsatz, but none of this worked.

Any help is appreciated.



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