given two density matrices, dmBefore and dmAfter, I want to generate(find) a circuit in Qiskit or Cirq that starting initaliazed with dmBefore ends with dmAfter after it's execution. Is it possible?.

This is because I'm trying to express a 5 qubit circuit with 10 density matrices where each one is from a partial trace of pair of qubits.(0,1) or (0,2) or ...(3,4). This works 1 qubit intructions like h,x ry...by appling the instruction to all Density matrix that have that qubit, but for CX it doesn't. I've tried CX with the DM that have control and target and if control is on also apply a X in the DM's that have the target, but it doesn't work. So I thought that maybe qiskit can find the circuits that will transform each DM.

Also, I know that Qiskit have the evolve method for density matrixs witch takes a quantum circuit, but I don't know if Cirq can evolve a density matrix with a quantum circuit.



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