Hey IBM quantum noobie here, Everytime I run my circuits, I get the results graph’s measurement basis (x axis) in hexadecimal form, how do i change this so that the results graph in in the computation basis. (for example the hexadecimal 0xF would turn into the binary number 1111)


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Usually, when you run an experiment on IBM quantum backend, both job.result().get_counts() and job.result().get_memory() return binary-encoded numbers. If, however, you got hexadecimal numbers you can use Counts class to convert them as follows:

from qiskit.result import Counts

raw_data = {"0x0": 39, "0x2": 204, "0x3": 617, "0x2E": 3140}
_counts = Counts(raw_data, memory_slots=6)

The result should be:

{'000000': 39, '000010': 204, '000011': 617, '101110': 3140}

Another option is to use ProbDistribution class, which can be used as follows:

from qiskit.result import ProbDistribution

dist = ProbDistribution(raw_data)

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