I want to simulate a quantum circuit using Cirq, with a noise model that defines a certain error rate $e_1$ for single-qubit gates and a certain error rate $e_2$ for 2-qubit gates.

So I know it's possible to create noisy operations using the noisy_operation method of a NoiseModel object:

qubits = cirq.LineQubit.range(2)
nm_1 = cirq.NoiseModel.from_noise_model_like(cirq.depolarize(e1))))
noisy_X = nm_1.noisy_operation(cirq.X(qubits[0]))

But assume I have already a circuit object with many gates - I want to simulate it with the noise model I have described above. I was thinking of using the with_noise method of a Circuit object, but that adds a strict layer of noise after each Moment, and I couldn't find a way to differentiate between gates:


To conclude, I am looking for a method in Cirq to easily simulate quantum circuits with basic yet flexible noise models.




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