I am using OpenFermion and Cirq. I would like to define a Hamiltonian with a symbolic parameter and then generate a quantum circuit via Trotterization of its time evolution, which then also contains the symbolic parameter.

Cirq in principle supports sympy symbolic parameters in circuits. I define the Hamiltonian via FermionOperators, which supports symbolic parameters as well (Jordan-Wigner to produce a QubitOperator is supported as well). However all algorithms of of.simulate_trotter require DiagonalCoulombHamiltonian/InteractionOperator, which do not support symbolic operations.

I found these older GitHub issues/pull requests which discuss the particular use case of Trotterization with symbolic parameters as motivation and proceed to implement the symbolic parameter support for FermionOperator.

I am wondering whether I am missing the way this can be done or whether this is not supported? In the latter case, is there any workaround, possibly using code not built in to OpenFermion?



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