I'm trying to install azure-quantum package with qiskit integration.

Following the azure tutorial (https://pypi.org/project/azure-quantum/) they say to use:

pip install --upgrade azure-quantum[qiskit]

in an environment with python 3.9 or higher and pip v.19.2 or higher.

I'm trying to install azure-quantum[qiskit] in a Conda environment equipped with python 3.9.16 and pip 22.3.1.

However, installing just azure-quantum with:

pip install --upgrade azure-quantum

works fine, while if I specify the qiskit tag I get:

zsh: no matches found: azure-quantum[qiskit]

Any hint to solve the issue?


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If you're on macOS the default shell zsh treats [ ] as regex instead of a string. To workaround this you can either escape the [ and ] or put quotes around it. In other words do this instead:

pip install --upgrade "azure-quantum[qiskit]"


pip install --upgrade azure-quantum\[qiskit\]

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