I'm looking on pennylane's tutorial


In this link, to illustrate barren plateaus, author used example circuit and barren plateau plots. However, I'm curious why the plot (the right figure) only includes the $\theta_1$ and $\theta_2$ (Is the plateau only example to show the barren pleateaus or $\theta_3$ and $\theta_4$ are not related with it. Moreover, if the right figure is just an example and $\theta_3$ and $\theta_4$ are related with barren plateaus, Is there any way to plot barren plateaus of multi-qubit system? not only the 2qubit system.


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Plotting only two parameters at once is a human limitation: we can only visualise three dimensions at most (2 parameters + the energy values).

The authors claim that they took a slice, and correctly so. In principle, you can take another slice of any other combination of two out of the four parameters to visualise.

Now as to your final question: yes, there are ways to plot more than 3 dimensions in a figure but you will mostly loose the intuitive 3D nature of the plot given in your link. The phrase you want to Google is "Visualization of Multi-dimensional Data"


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