Is there any way to create a for loop that would send a few jobs to run on a quantum computer simultaneously? I tried:

for i, entanglementor in enumerate(entanglement):
    print('\rentanglement: {}        '.format(entanglement[i]), end='')
    algorithm_globals.random_seed = 50
#ansatz = TwoLocal(rotation_blocks='ry', 
    form = EfficientSU2(num_qubits=2, entanglement=entanglement[i])
    #ansatz = RealAmplitudes(2, entanglement[i], reps=2, insert_barriers=True)
    optimizer = COBYLA(maxiter=5)
    counts = []
    values = []
    def store_intermediate_result(eval_count, parameters, mean, std):

    vqe = VQE(form, optimizer, callback=store_intermediate_result,
    print("Running VQE algorithm on real hardware with device: ", device)
    result = vqe.compute_minimum_eigenvalue(operator=H2_op)
    converge_cnts[i] = np.asarray(counts)
    converge_vals[i] = np.asarray(values)
    print('\rentanglement complete      ');

The problem is that this sends one job to the QC, and then waits until it gets a result before continuing the loop, which can obviously take quite a while. Is there a method to get the loop to continue while a job is queued?



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