I was preparing for the exam and I was confused about how to get job and backend status using qiskit, do we use Job_monitor for both of them?


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We use Job_monitor to get the status of a job (IBMQJob instance)

To get the status of an IBMQ backend, we use IBMQBackend.status() which returns a BackendStatus instance:

from qiskit import IBMQ

if IBMQ.active_account() is None:

provider = IBMQ.get_provider(hub = 'ibm-q')
backend = provider.get_backend('ibmq_quito')

print('  Operational: ', backend.status().operational)
print('  Pending jobs:', backend.status().pending_jobs)
print('  Status message:', backend.status().status_msg)

Result of this code snippet should be some thing like:

  Operational:  True
  Pending jobs: 108
  Status message: active

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