I have a question concerning "quantum-inspired" algorithms. There seem to be several types of algorithms that fall into this category. Some examples are:

I know this is still a new and growing field but does anyone have a reference or resource that discusses things like all the different types of quantum-inspired algorithms, their applicability, advantages/disadvantages, practicalities, which ones are actually in use today etc.?

If none exists, then maybe we can slowly start making this thread a good resource by a collection of answers :)

This question is a more fleshed out version of this previous question: What are quantum inspired algorithms?


  • $\begingroup$ Please see this Quanta magazine article for some more discussion. Anything the article links to, and/or anything linking thereto, might satisfy some of your desirables. $\endgroup$
    – Mark S
    May 25 at 17:54
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks for the link Mark! The article dates back to 2018 and mentions "a boom in quasi-quantum classical algorithms". However it mainly discusses that quantum algorithms face the challenge of performing better than the current state of the art (regular) classical algorithms. Unfortunately the only mentions of quantum-inspired algorithms are IBM's simulation of the supremacy experiment and Calude's quantum-inspired algorithm, which they later removed from the article as there is "a strong debate... as to whether the quasi-quantum algorithm solves the same problem that the original algorithm" $\endgroup$ May 25 at 19:10


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