Working on electronic structure problems, the Hamiltonian in second quantization is given by

$$ \widehat{H} = \sum_{pq} h_{pq} \widehat{E}_{pq} + \frac{1}{2} \sum_{pqrs} g_{pqrs} \widehat{e}_{pqrs}, $$

with $\widehat{E}_{pq}$ and $\widehat{e}_{pqrs}$ denoting one- and two-body spin-free excitation operators.

I'm obtaining the Hamiltonian via second_q_ops() function (property EletronicEnergy) from ElectronicStructureProblem in Qiskit. The problem is, I'd also need to obtain the operator

$$ \widehat{E}^-_{pq} = \widehat{E}_{pq} - \widehat{E}_{qp}. $$

So, is there any way to extract the term $\widehat{E}_{pq}$ directly in Qiskit?



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