I am reading these days a book about programming quantum computing using the language Silq. I reached half the Silq book. The good thing about the Silq book is that it teaches the mathematics of quantum computing before teaching using Silq. Before the Silq book, I read a book about using Qiskit and Python which is also about quantum computing.

Now, please help me solve my problem. My problem is still that I still don't know how to solve problems using quantum and how to break the language barrier between me and the quantum computer. For example, I know how to convert a problem written in English to C++ and divide it to smaller problems to solve. I know the solving strategies and methodologies in usual everyday programming. I am a professional programmer but quantum is new to me. I understood all Pauli quantum gates and other gates and what they do. And let's say each gate is word, I still don't know how to form a comprehensible complete sentence that has a value to us humans. I only know how to connect the gates to make a random quantum circuit of no meaning. How can I train my problem solving abilities using quantum computers, to think in a quantum way ?


  • $\begingroup$ Try to look at the basic known quantum algorithms and online courses on such. IBM has many such introductory courses. Look at this recent book in this blog thomaswong.net. Might be a good starting point. $\endgroup$
    – R.W
    Mar 24 at 12:11


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