I'm a prefinal year Physics Masters student looking to pursue my thesis in the domain of Quantum computing, particularly in the areas of Quantum Simulation or Quantum Machine Learning (theory/computational studies).

I have experience working with Quantum walks (Discrete and continuous), have implemented my own quantum-simulator, and worked on a bunch of projects on classical machine learning and deep learning (interned at GSoC and iGEM). I have lately been reading on Tensor networks, and Quantum Machine learning.

I'm having some trouble zeroing in on a more specific topic though. Specifically, what would be considered a good question to address for a master's thesis in such a new field? Something that can be studied and worked within 8-10 months' time. I have read this review and any ideas/ resources to look further into would be really appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance. Please let me know if you know a platform where I can ask the same.

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