how can we calculate the duration of single qubit gate using Qiskit in IBM? In other words if I have to insert a delay in the place of the single qubit gate, how would I know how much delay in nanosecond needs to be provided?

from qiskit import QuantumCircuit
idle_identity = QuantumCircuit(1,'q')
idle_identity.delay(300 * 16, qreg_q[0])

I can see that a delay of 300x16 is assigned to qubit 0 of a quantum device. Likewise is there any way that I can precisely extract the gate duration of single qubit gate (e.g. sx, rz gates) so that I can replace 300*16 with the corresponding duration.


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  1. Measure a qubit without a gate in super position.
  2. Measure a qubit with a gate in super position.
  3. Substract (2) - (1) to get the time.

I suggest to do this with 1000 Shots each to have a more precise result.

without gate you want to measure with a gate


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