I save my (lenghty) Hamiltonian in a file as a string.

My naive attempt:

hamiltonian_string = read_hamiltonian_from_file()  # some function
hamiltonian = PauliOp(hamiltonian_string) 
TypeError: PauliOp can only be instantiated with Paulis, not <class 'str'>

But copy-pasting from the file into Jupyter notebook works (of course):

hamiltonian =  1*(X^X^X) - 2*(X^Z^X) + 3*(X^I^X)
<class 'qiskit.opflow.primitive_ops.pauli_sum_op.PauliSumOp'>

Is there a way to initiate a PauliOp from a string?


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You can simply use Python's eval() function:

from qiskit.opflow import I, X, Y, Z

hamiltonian_string = '1*(X^X^X) - 2*(X^Z^X) + 3*(X^I^X)'
hamiltonian = eval(hamiltonian_string)

There are some security concerns regarding eval() you need to be aware of. See here for details.

  • $\begingroup$ Amazing, thank you! Works like a charm :) $\endgroup$ Mar 3, 2022 at 6:24

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