I have ran some circuits using the code for sample-expval, found in the qiskit docs While the jobs finished (they appear in my IBM account), when I retrieve some job and try to recover the result with job.result() what I obtain is just quotes: ''

Here is the code that I ran:

job = provider.runtime.run(program_id='sample-expval',
                       options={'backend_name': 'ibmq_belem'},

allcircuits_list[0] is a list of circuits that I previously defined and all_zeros_proj = {'00': 1}

I also tried with the code indicated in the qiskit tutorial which first defines a function expectation_value_runner that contains the input parameters. After introducing the inputs I ran

backend = provider.get_backend('ibmq_belem') 
job = expectation_value_runner(backend, allcircuits_list, all_zeros_proj)

In this case I have the same problem. No results are retrieved.


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There was an issue with Qiskit Runtime 2 days ago that result data was not being returned. The issue has since been fixed, so it should work now.


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