a question about quantum walks, would this circuit be correct to start a quantum walk in a hypercube? I saw something about increment and decrement, but I didn't quite understand how they would work in a quantum walk (Image 1)

enter image description here

In addition to this circuit, would you recommend any articles related to the walks, whether in hypercubes or singular graphs or not? The theory I managed to understand, my problem is to pass the theory to a circuit, I'm a beginner and I would like to understand more how quantum walks would work in a quantum processor. Would there also be a way to plot the probability density graph of the quantum walks that were plotted on a computer? Is there any help material? Or the graph plotted by IBM computers would already be useful for this demonstration, it's just that I noticed that they are not very similar to those plotted in comparison of quantum and classical walks.... I would like to understand this better, thanks in advance!



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