I'm a beginner, but in some books and references i use they talk about an ibm processor called IBMQ_16_melbourne, what happened to it? Can it get back up and running? Are there any other free alternatives for processing algorithms with more than 5 qubits?


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The machine ibmq_16_melbourne has been retired for a few months now, and with the open provider you won't be able to have access to machines with more than 5 qubits.

As an alternative, you can check the mock backends available in terra right here, it contains simulators that mimic exactly every machine that is or was available since the beginning of the platform. If you want to access the fake Melbourne for example :

from qiskit.test.mock import FakeMelbourne
backend = FakeMelbourne()

There are also simulators available on the cloud where you can compute with more qubits, see here.

Hope it helps! :)


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