I'm looking for a list of resources (links, videos, lectures, etc.) that contains quantum machine learning problems. These could be of the style of problem sets, hackathon questions, questions from a textbook, or anything similar.

The difficulty could be any level, but problems that would take a bit more than just searching up a theorem, definition or Qiskit/Cirq function are preffered. This without going to the other extreme of having to go down a rabbit hole to answer a super-niche question.

Any links to pages with such problems or to any specific problem of this type are appreciated.

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    $\begingroup$ The QHack 2021 github repo is archived and contains sets of challenge problems related to tasks like taking derivatives of quantum circuits and optimizing VQE: github.com/XanaduAI/QHack2021 $\endgroup$
    – forky40
    Aug 30 '21 at 18:20

There are many demos on https://pennylane.ai/qml/demonstrations.html. You could perhaps get some inspiration from there.


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