In order to pass inputs to Q# operations/functions with Jupyter Notebooks, one uses the magic command, %simulate, and writes out the inputs as key-value pairs, key=value.

For example, if I had some operation, operation HelloHardy (number : Int) : Unit {...}, then I would run the following %simulate HelloHardy number=1729.

I am currently working with the operation, EvaluatePolynomial, which is part of the numerics library and takes in integers, arrays of doubles, and booleans. Below is what I am running and the error message that is generated.

%simulate EvaluatePolynomial coefficients=[1.0,1.0] evaluationPoints=[0.0,1.0] numBits=3 pointPos=3 odd=true even=false.

Received invalid parameters. Please fix and try again:

 coefficients: Error converting value "[1.0,1.0]" to type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Double]'. Path '', line 1, position 11.

 evaluationPoints: Error converting value "[0.0,1.0]" to type 'System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Double]'. Path '', line 1, position 11.

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IQ# magics don't support passing arrays as parameters at the moment. When I need to pass something more complicated than a scalar, I usually define a wrapper operation that defines all parameters and calls the original operation, and call %simulate for that wrapper operation.


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