How do you use the IBM quantum composer to encode some data $(a,b,c,d)$ represented by a vector ket in which $a,b,c,d$ have been normalized to one? $a|00\rangle + b|01\rangle + c|10\rangle + d|11\rangle$


One way to do it is to use the initialize function then decomposed the circuit and print out the qasm code and pull it over to the composer...

There was a similar question to your question here

But here is an example that might help:

from qiskit import QuantumCircuit, IBMQ
import numpy as np
num_qubits = 2
vector = [1,2,3,4] #[a,b,c,d] not normalize 
initial_state = vector/np.linalg.norm(vector) #normalize the state 
circuit = QuantumCircuit(num_qubits,num_qubits)
circuit.initialize(initial_state, [0,1])  

q_0: ┤0                                            ├
     │  initialize(0.18257,0.36515,0.54772,0.7303) │
q_1: ┤1                                            ├
c: 2/═══════════════════════════════════════════════

And now you can use the decomposed function to decomposed this circuit into the gates that is available within the composer: enter image description here

decomposed_circuit = transpile(circuit, basis_gates=['h', 'x', 'cx', 'ccx', 't', 'tdg', 's', 'sdg', 'p' , 'rz' , 'sx' ,'sxdg','rx', 'ry','rxx' , 'rzz',] )

q_0: ┤ RY(2.0344) ├┤ X ├┤ RY(0.17985) ├┤ X ├
q_1: ┤ RY(2.3005) ├──■───────────────────■──
c: 2/═══════════════════════════════════════

Extracting the 'qasm' code:


include "qelib1.inc";
qreg q[2];
creg c[2];
ry(2.0344439) q[0];
ry(2.300524) q[1];
cx q[1],q[0];
ry(0.1798535) q[0];
cx q[1],q[0];

Now take that and paste it in the QASM code block in the Circuit Composer

enter image description here

Now you have the initialize state that you wanted in the composer.


You can implement a method proposed in this article Transformation of quantum states using uniformly controlled rotations. The authors present a method for transforming any quantum state to any other one. Of course, this allow to change initial state $|0\rangle^n$ in the composer to arbitrary $n$-qubit. The method works with $CNOT$, $Ry$ and $Rz$ gates only. All these are available in the composer.

According to my knowledge, this method is implemented in Qiskit init function which proposed KAJ226 in the other answer.


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