When executing a batch of circuits using the IBMQJobManager and attempting to combine all the results of all jobs with combine_results I get the IBMQManagedResultDataNotAvailable exception as some of the jobs in the set have failed. Is it possible to re-execute only the failed jobs and then combine all the results?

job_set = IBMQJobManager().run(batch_of_circuits, backend=ibmq_foo)
job_set_results = job_set.results() 
job_set_counts = job_set_results.combine_results() # exception thrown on this line

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IBMQJobManager finds the jobs in a set by their tags and names. So yes, if you re-submit the same job with the same tags/job name, it'll be picked up by the job manager. Something like

failed_job = backend.retrieve_job(FAILED_JOB_ID)
qobj = failed_job.qobj()
backend.run(qobj, job_name=failed_job.name(), job_tags=failed_job.tags())
jm = IBMQJobManager()
job_set = jm.retrieve_job_set(JOB_SET_ID, provider)

There's also an issue open on automatically retrying job submit if it fails.


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