I have already visited this What does it mean to get 403 error when running a code on Qiskit? which did not help me fix my problem. I want to test the quantum circuit that I have designed using the following code, (the histogram of the circuit is being plotted perfectly so I don't believe that there is any problem with it)

provider = IBMQ.get_provider('ibm-q')
qcomp = provider.get_backend('ibmq_16_melbourne')
job = execute(circuit, backend=qcomp)

I do not understand the problem with the above code. The last line is not executing in the Jupiter notebook cell. Is it a location problem of Melbourne, because me residence is India? What would I do?


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You're getting the 403 because ibmq_16_melbourne is currently offline for maintenance. You can checkout the status of each backend on the IBM Quantum Experience website, or do backend.status().operational. Furthermore, you can get the least busy operational backend with something like

from qiskit.providers.ibmq import least_busy
backend = least_busy(provider.backends(simulator=False, filters=lambda b: 
    b.configuration().n_qubits >= 5))

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