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How can I fix this error? I am installing the newest version of Qiskit.

  • $\begingroup$ Hi, can you show more of the error message please? $\endgroup$ – met927 Jun 16 at 22:31

This error seems to be reported by various users as per the Qiskit GitHub repository. Could you please try the following steps.

  1. Install Anaconda
  2. Create a python 3.7 environment: conda create --name your_env python=3.7
  3. conda activate your_env
  4. pip install qiskit

You can report the specific details of the issues in the following GitHub repository issue log if it is persisting after following these steps.

Qiskit GitHub Repository Issue Log

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  • $\begingroup$ thanks sir it working very well no w $\endgroup$ – edbert kwesi Jun 24 at 21:56

In my development Anaconda environment, I faced similar issues related to setup, I too observed alike issues asking by peoples in big open forums, I suggested the below approach where they respond back it's working for them.

There are many causes related too Setup.py but I would suggest you the common approach to resolve. It usually comes when your Anaconda environment owning an older version of Setup tools. I would recommend to upgrade your setup tools and conda or pip based on the usage. Whenever we are using the Anaconda environment after a long period, it's always advisable to use latest and greatest python setuptools and conda or pip versions.

Hopefully it will resolve your issue.

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