Some background: I'm currently running the same training algorithm with a classical neural network and a quantum circuit, respectively. The NN is implemented in Keras with a TensorFlow backend, the circuit is implemented in TFQ.

My circuit has only 4 qubits and 88 trainable parameters, and training is still at least a factor 10 slower than training a NN with two dense layers (10 units each) and 182 trainable parameters. (All hyperparameters are identical.) At this moderate circuit size I don't expect circuit training to be that much slower than training the classical NN.

Looking at the CPU usage, I see that TFQ uses all cores, but only to a fraction. My suspicion is that the circuit is too small to reach the threshold where multiprocessing makes sense, so this might be a source of the slowness. However, I can't seem to find a way to turn multiprocessing off.

Question: Is there a way to disable multiprocessing in TensorFlow Quantum?


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